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Maffey’s Security Group offers a wide range of different Intercom & Paging System Solutions & Services for commercial businesses and buildings. We bring high quality, physical Intercom & Paging system solutions in the most timely fashion. We offer business owners as well as municipality management a competitive price for Intercom & Paging system services, delivered by friendly, honest, well-trained business security professionals.

What are intercom & paging systems?

Intercoms and pagers are a voice communication systems used to enhance security in a building or home.

What are intercom & paging system services?

Intercom and paging services involve the installation of these communication systems as well as the set-up of related hardware and technology.


Intercom & Paging System Products, Installation, And Service

An Intercom or Intercommunication Device or system sometimes referred to as a talkback or door phone is a stand-alone voice communication system used in a building or comingled among buildings. It is often mounted permanently on walls or near doors in such buildings and, sometimes, in vehicles. An Intercom system is typically two-way communication capable, but functions independently of any telephone network. A paging system is typically a one-way communication system set up to reach an audience, possibly throughout a building and maybe its offices & hallways. When a person speaks their message into the system that message is then broadcast out through that network of speakers. Options might include pre-recorded messages, which can be broadcast at a later time.

From ‘audio with remote release’ to ‘audio and video with remote release’ system, Maffey’s will deliver the solution necessary. We can deliver school Intercom & Paging systems, single door to multi-location applications, and, for housing, we can also bring multi-family housing intercom with remote release capabilities as well. Maffey’s not only sells and installs Intercom & Paging products, but services the related hardware & technology. Maffey’s has the skills and equipment necessary to offer the prompt, efficient service your business depends on!

Maffey’s Security Group supports the Commercial Business Security needs of Education & Schools, Hotels, Motels & Resorts, Healthcare & Hospitals, Restaurants, even Trucking, Maritime, Shipping & Aviation. Often Law Enforcement, Police & Fire Departments, Correctional/Institutional or Penal, and Government need Intercom & Paging System solutions and service. We also serve the needs of Trucking & Transportation Companies, Automotive or Dealerships, and Food & Restaurants.


About Maffey’s Security Group | Union County NJ

Maffey’s Security Groupaccess control security elizabeth nj is NJ’s business Intercom & Paging system solutions leader, since 1910! Based in Union County NJ, we offer the most modern Intercom & Paging system equipment, including installation and service. Our technicians are courteous, fully trained on Intercom & Paging System solutions, supported by a fleet of fully equipped vehicles and we are insured. We also offer financing solutions and time-saving service contracts to ensure that your business is covered.

While we are Elizabeth and Union County NJ based, we also serve surrounding NJ areas including Essex County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, Bergen County and Morris County.

If you are a NJ-based business looking for an Intercom and/ or Paging System system or just better security support – contact us today!