About NJ Access Control Surveillance Business Security Systems

biometric id systems njMaffey’s Security Group offers a number of different Access Control security solutions and camera systems. In the area of physical security and/or information security, access control (AC) is the selective restriction of entry or access to a building, an area, or another resource. It is a restriction set up so that management can authorize or deny access. The goal of access control surveillance is always to minimize any risk of unauthorized access to a physical location or a resource system. With respect to a resource system, access control can be set up to protect confidential information, including business or customer data. Objectives might include identification, authentication, confidentiality, availability, and/ or accountability.

What is access control security?

Access control business security is the selective restriction of entry or access to a building, an area, or another resource in order to minimize the risk of unauthorized access.

What are access control security services?

Access control security services include temperature control biometric ID systems, camera systems, telephone entry systems, electronic key cabinets, and more.


Access Control Business Security Products And Installation

Maffey’s Security Group can provide access control solutions, including their installation, for hosted or cloud-based Telephone Entry Systems, and for proximity, Bluetooth, or NFC Key Fob Credentials. We offer temperature control Biometric ID Systems, access for Turnstiles, TWIC/FIPS201 HSPD 12 Compliant Readers, Integrated Remote Release solutions, and even Electronic Key Cabinets.

Access Control solutions typically base themselves upon identity authentication or a person’s physical characteristics. The most common places physical access controls are used include hospitals, police stations, government offices, data centers or anywhere there is sensitive equipment and/or data.


About Maffey’s Security Group | Union County NJ

biometric id systems njMaffey’s Security Group is NJ’s security solutions leader, since 1910! Based in Union County NJ, we offer both traditional and the most modern Access Control security equipment, including its’ installation and service too. Our technicians are courteous, fully trained on Access Control solutions, supported by a fleet of fully equipped vehicles and we are insured. We also offer financing solutions and time-saving service contracts to ensure that your business is protected.

Maffey’s Security Group supports the needs of Education & Schools, Hotels, Motels & Resorts, Healthcare & Hospitals, Restaurants, even Trucking, Maritime, Shipping & Aviation. Often Law Enforcement, Police & Fire Departments, Correctional/Institutional or Penal and Government need access control. We also serve the needs of Trucking & Transportation Companies, Automotive or Dealerships, and Food & Restaurants.

While we are Elizabeth and Union County NJ based, we also serve surrounding NJ areas including Essex County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, and Morris County.

If you are a New Jersey-based business looking for a locksmith security service or just better security support contact us today!