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 Charles Maffey Sr’s vision of commitment to customers, dedication to his business and employees, and the expert understanding of his craft have remained steadfast to this day and have helped Maffey’s Security Group grow into one of the largest and most trusted names in Bergen County Business Security.

Maffey’s Security Group’s services include the latest in Electronic Security Systems. We also offer Business Locksmith Services.  For top Business Security Systems & Installations in Leonia NJ, call on Maffey!

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Leonia is a borough in Bergen County NJ. As of the 2021 census it has approximately 9,243 inhabitants.  It was formed in 1894 as the result of a referendum.  This was during the ‘boroughitis” phenomenon that swept Bergen County, when 26 communities became boroughs in that year alone.  The name “Leonia” was chosen from the same source as Fort Lee, American Revolutionary War General Charles Lee.  Leonia is bordered by the Bergen County municipalities of Englewood, Fort Lee, Palisades Park, Ridgefield Park and Teaneck.


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